S.A.T.E. presented at the EDHPC 2023 Conference (2nd – 6th October 2023) at Juan-Les-Pins (France).

The European Data Handling & Data Processing Conference (EDHPC) is an international forum organized by ESA (European Space Agency) covering diverse aspects of the most relevant topics for on-board computers, on-board data handling systems, on-board data processing and microelectronics for space applications including both platform and payload (RF and optical) applications

Chiara Brighenti presented the work that S.A.T.E. is carrying out in partnership with OHB Systems on “AI-based On-board Reconfigurable FDIR and Lifetime Prediction for Constellations“.

This work aims at exploiting the assets available during satellites constellations development and operations in order to develop a workflow that allows fast implementation of high quality AI-based solutions for FDIR and lifetime prediction at constellation level.