S.A.T.E. participated to the AISTAR 2023 Conference (27th – 28th September 2023) at ESOC, Darmstadt (Germany), with multiple contributions.

Two posters have been presented under the Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance and Assistants session. In these posters, we showed how Artificial Intelligence based methodologies can be leveraged for enhancing diagnostics and prognostics operations, both during satellites operational phases and test phases.

For operations, we presented “CLUE: capabilities and benefits for on-board and on-ground predictive diagnosis applications“.

For test phases, we presented “AIDA for AI based enhanced antennas diagnostics during AIT/AIV

In addition, Chiara Brighenti, our Technical Director, participated to a panel in which the panellists exchanged their views on the benefits and challenges of Generative AI, Prognostics and Intelligent Assistants as enabling technologies for autonomous systems.

In this panel, she reported SATE’s experience on the implementation of prognostic modules, focusing on the importance of ensuring their trustability and on the fundamental role that they have when autonomy is the key.