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Any kind of complex systems pose demanding tasks to operating personnel or existing automatic monitoring tools in charge of their performance checking.

Automatic alerting systems are used to help supervising systems operations, in some applications already adopting Artificial Intelligence algorithms. However, most of them, while are able to detect the present status of a system, are still lacking reliable early detection of failures and prediction of the remaining useful life (RUL) at subsystem or components level, taking into account that different contexts of operation may determine different normal behaviour patterns that must be considered.

SATE provides customised advanced software solutions and services for systems diagnostics and prognostics, including systems normal behaviour characterisation, early anomaly detection, root cause identification and Remaining Useful Life prediction.

Our solutions implement advanced model-based and data-driven approaches resulting from two decades of R&D and application experience. They are now the core of a number of diagnostic applications being proven for space satellites constellations, industrial vehicle fleets and hydrocarbons production facilities.

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