About Us

S.A.T.E. is an engineering company that provides advanced and forefront customised software products and services for simulation, diagnostics and data analysis in the automotive, space and energy fields.


Supporting our customers to find concrete and innovative solutions to complex engineering problems


To define the future technologies driven by Systems Engineering principles, thanks to 30-years activity experience and to the continuous transfer of knowledge among various application domains.

Focusing the attention on the growth and development of talents, SATE continues being a laboratory of ideas based on robust multidisciplinary background.

Why Us?

  • If you need high quality systems engineering via innovative technology projects and software tools development.
  • When you are looking for an industrial partner with high expertise in participating in Research and Development Projects
  • If you want to start a project from scratch we can help to pioneer new application and customer tailored solutions.

Key Competences

  • Systems and software engineering
  • Systems physical mathematical modelling
  • Systems simulation (also real-time)
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for knowledge extraction from data, systems modelling, anomaly detection
  • Model-based and data-driven diagnostics
  • Control systems

“We do these things not because they are easy

but because they are hard”

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