In 2018 S.A.T.E. celebrates 20 years of activity.

“It has been an important 20 years in which, thanks to our constant commitment, we have achieved many goals with great satisfaction, as regards customer importance, geographical extension of export and technological level of our services and products.

We consider this anniversary just as a stage of our journey, sure that S.A.T.E. still has a lot to offer and develop for its customers and partners.

We thank all people who during this long journey believed in us, in our professionality and competence and allowed us to grow and improve ourselves.

Special thanks go to our past and present staff, engineers and collaborators, who contributed to this result with their commitment and effort.

In these 20 years we proved that even a small team of highly motivated and skilled persons can develop innovation, alone or in collaboration, even in a peculiar environment, such as Venice.”