SATE’s software tool, KETTY (Knowledge Extraction from TelemeTrY) now supports Intespaces™ DynaWorks® databases, granting a smooth integration between the two software environments.

This, on one side, enables KETTY™s users to import data coming directly from DynaWorks®™ databases. On the other side it enables DynaWorks®™ users (with an add-on KETTY license) to perform additional analysis, including automatic:

  • Extraction of synthetic characteristics of the monitored data (system characterization);
  • Evaluation of the system behaviour, by the identification of subsystems or components with novel behaviour, ordered by priority score (novelty detection);
  • Determination of cause-effect relationships between parameters of the system that may not be known a priori (behaviour interpretation).

without the need for a priori knowledge about the system.


For greater details on KETTY see

For greater details on DynaWorks® see

See also the following publications describing the results obtained in two ESA (European Space Agency) projects applying methods included in KETTY:

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