S.A.T.E. @ Annual Automotive Embedded Multi-Core Systems Summit

S.A.T.E. will participate at the Annual Automotive Embedded Multi-Core Systems Summit in Stuggart (Germany) from the 12th to the 13th of May 2016.

During the conference S.A.T.E. will provide an overview of trends in on-board diagnostics with respect to multicore systems computing performances focusing on the following topics:

    • Optimising development tools to more efficiently utilise multi-core and many-core hardware.
    • Creating portable and scalable solutions for multicore systems.
    • From threshold based, to model based, to data based diagnostics ending with knowledge extraction from data flows.

The importance of embedded system in the automotive industry arose as a result of the IT complexity in automobiles. Sequel to the rising demand by consumers for high performing ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) and reliable systems, the single-core technology seems to be no longer adequate not only due to its limitations in power calculation and but also due to semiconductor physical and thermal restriction. So, the use of multi-core processors has been recently introduced to replace the single- core technology in order to meet consumer wishes like sophisticated comfort features, increasing safety requirements and zero emission. Multi-core processors are superior to their single-core predecessor in calculation power and energy efficiency. However, the downside of the new technology is a higher complexity of the software and, therefore, an increase of the development costs, time and resources…

Download the flyer and the agenda of the summit
Annual Automotive Embedded Multi-Core Systems Summit flyer and agenda

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The registration of the participants will start at 8.30 and the summit will start at 9.00.
The speech by S.A.T.E. is scheduled at 11.40 of Day 1 (12/05/2016).

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

      • Insights on best-practices and solutions on multi-core processors
      • Development and continuous improvement of embedded systems
      • Using automated testing for improving AUTOSAR integration
      • Building security into embedded systems by using a hardware and a software approach
      • Integrating the new technology in the development process
      • Identify both software and hardware solutions which will support the cost and time efficient adaptation of this new technology
      • Preventing external threats to optimize embedded systems’ security
      • Utilize multi-core technologies for increased power, speed and maximum efficiency
      • Explore and evaluate the impact of multi-core technologies on the development process to ensure an optimized migration strategy
      • Gaining valuable insights on how to manage new software complexities due to the parallel nature of multi-core systems

Who Should Attend:

      • Director/Head of Technology
      • Director/Head of New Technology
      • Director/Head of R&D
      • Director/Head of New Business
      • Senior Director Corporate Technologies
      • Department Heads – Head of Marketing; Head of Software Engineering; Head of Strategic Partnerships
      • Research Leaders – Research Associates
      • Group Leaders
      • Principal Research Engineers

From Industries Including:

      • Automotive Manufacturer
      • Component Supplier; Consultant
      • Design and Simulation
      • Material Supplier
      • Research & Development
      • Technology
      • Automotive Design
      • Electronics
      • Research institutions within the industry
      • Consultancies
      • Semiconductors