SATE participated to the 38th International CAE Conference with the following online symposium: 

“Improving monitoring and diagnostics of complex systems in different application domains with DKM: technical approach and success stories”

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The world today is characterized by more and more complex systems that implement technologically advanced functionalities. However, monitoring these complex systems is a demanding task for the operators and a relevant cost for the companies.

For improving the quality of the monitoring processes and minimizing the workload of the operators, thus reducing the operational costs, industry asks for solutions that provide:

  1. Early and reliable detection of the anomalies
  2. Automatic processes that support the monitoring operations
  3. Interpretability of the diagnostic output, especially when AI algorithms are exploited
  4. Fast troubleshooting of anomalies
  5. Fault prediction (Remaining Useful Life estimate)

In this session, SATE presents a suite of software components, called Diagnostic Kernel Modules (DKM) addressing the above points, and shows real use cases derived from diagnostic applications developed for space satellites constellations, industrial vehicle fleets and hydrocarbons production facilities.