Vehicle Networking

SATE offers many services to aid the customers in the electronical design, test and debug phases of data and diagnostic networks within the vehicles.


The increasing electronic complexity of modern vehicles requires higher competence than what was required only a few years ago, especially in terms of knowhow of networking and diagnostic digital protocols.
In fact the number of interconnected electronic devices within a typical vehicle is growing up continuously. These devices need to exchange a large amount of information in the most safe and fast ways.
The cluster dialogs in both directions with the Engine Management Unit, while the latter needs to exchange data with the other devices that control the vehicle, such as ABS, Traction Control and Stability Control.
In addition, the electronic keys (Immobilizer) require a radio-frequency encrypted communication with its related base-receiver. The latter must be interfaced with the dashboard and the Engine Management Unit to allow only authenticated drivers accessing and firing up the engine.
SATE, having strong experience in automotive projects, can support OEMs and vehicle system integrators in the whole process of designing, developing, testing and debugging data network and diagnostic functionalities of the vehicle.
This experience spans not only the Engine Man-agement, ABS, traction control and cluster system but also the Body Control, HVAC, Car Infotainment and doors management system.
The core competence required for such a support is also offered to OEMs who want to design a new electronic device (Dashboard, Antitheft, Immobilizer system, Electronic Key, HVAC system) which aims to be smoothly integrated in a vehicle network.

SATE can assist the customer from the very begin-ning of the process, starting from the definition of the technical and functional requirements and specifica-tions, the selection of suppliers, the design review of the proposed solution and the verification of the ad-herence of the design to the actual implemented so-lution.
SATE owns the electronic equipments and the com-petence which allow performing any measurements on analogue and digital signals, such as digital oscil-loscopes for hardware decoding and accurate timing measurements.
In addition SATE can develop customized instru-mentation for advanced data logging for any needs which could arise in the production phase, in the “end of line” testing and in the aftermarket.


During the last years SATE improved its experience in the data network and diagnostic functionalities applied to vehicles.
The protocols and systems for which SATE already performed its services are the following:

Serial Protocols

  • ISO 14230 (K-line)
  • ISO 11898-2 (Can bus High Speed)
  • ISO 11898-3 (Can bus Low Speed)
  • ISO 15765 (Can Bus diagnostic protocol)
  • J1939 (Can bus Application Layer for buses and trucks)

Electronic Systems

  • Dashboard
  • Antitheft
  • Immobilizer
  • Electronic Key
  • Gateway Unit (bridge between different pro-tocols)


  • Definition of technical and functional specifica-tions for any electronic unit
  • Design Review of electrical drawings (schemat-ics and layout)
  • Definition, test and debug of CAN messages
  • Definition, test and debug of diagnostic function-alities, like Flash memory reprogramming and standard OBD requirements
  • Definition, test and debug of Immobilizer devices
  • Electrical measurements of analogue and digital signals to verify:
    • Signal integrity
    • Adherence to the specification
    • Performance


SATE supports the customer for the whole lifecycle of its product: in the prototype phase and in  the pre-production and production phases, which are often fundamental for a successful product.

  • Integration in the production line process
  • End Of Line final testing
  • Logistic information management
  • Automatic failure recognization
  • Automatic spare parts management

Download: VehicleNetworking_EN