A complete tool to automate constellation monitoring from early identification of anomalies in the satellites to fault isolation. CASTeC supports Satellite Controllers in the identification of critical operative conditions affecting service performance and mitigation strategies definition.


As of today, the increasingly high number of flying satellites will make impracticable for Satellite Controllers (SCs) to monitor effectively the health status of satellites, especially in large constellations. Therefore, an emerging need for automation in the identification of critical operative conditions is shared by the operators, along with the need of discovering additional knowledge exploting the telemetry data. CASTeC is the right solution for addressing these needs.

CASTeC capabilities

CASTeC (Context Aware Spacecraft Telemetry Checking) is a software tool improving constellations monitoring and diagnostics, performing:

  • Automatic identification of anomalous telemetries and relevant events that require investigation by SCs.
  • Early detection of anomalies in the behaviour of the satellites/constellation.
  • Automatic identification of correlated telemetries and events.


Predictive Capabilities

CASTeC provides predictive alerts on the status of the satellites constellations, based on a detailed analysis of each single telemetry of the constellation

Relevant information

CASTeC identifies relevant events from the degree on anomaly detected

Events understanding

CASTeC supports events troubleshooting by guiding the SC in the identification of potential cause-effect relations among events.

Ease of deployment

CASTeC is a software module that can be easily interfaced with different ground segment operations platforms.

No need for experts’ knowledge

The implemented algorithms do not need experts’ knowledge on Artificial Intelligence to be configured, but only limited information and knowledge to define the relevant operative conditions of the satellites.



CASTeC characterises the expected behaviour of satellites based on an innovative method developed by SATE, named FETCH (FEaTure CHeckability)


FETCH extracts the features of the raw telemetries time series that are “checkable” in a specific context, thereby characterising their expected behaviour

Context-specific checks

Automatic definition of checks to be applied to telemetries that are “parameter-specific” and “context-specific”

Interpretable AI

The advantage of FETCH with respect to a conventional AI is that it is fully interpretable, thus the reasons for the anomalies identified can be explained and understood by SCs.

System Architecture

CASTeC is a software module that can be easily interfaced with Ground Segment operations platforms.

CASTeC is delivered as a service with different service options. It is provided on cloud or, upon request, on customer’s premises.

The web-based Human Machine Interface implementation allows the installation of CASTeC on a shared (or external) machine and the investigation of the telemetry from any different location, through a web browser.

CASTeC can be used as standalone tool or integrated with other end users’ tools, through specific APIs, according to their needs.